Doing to Learn

     Every year, students around the State utilize skills they've gained from inside the classroom to accomplish events that many would find terrifying. After having competed in the creed FFA career development event, Jennifer Goddik of Dayton FFA learned so much about not only the history and heritage of the foundation of the FFA organization, but more importantly, she learned a lot about a solid way of living. She discovered that there is a need for leaders who play square with others, and who depend on her for happiness in this world. Her eyes were opened to the fact that she is not the only one who gets frustrated with the farm life. But most notably, she realized that she CAN make a difference in her community through her knowledge and skills gained through her strive to always work harder and do more for others.

     The FFA creed is not the only event that members have been utilizing their skills in. Within the Eastern Oregon District lies the Cove FFA Chapter, home to the Hulse twins. This year, Hailey Hulse participated in Ag Sales and is looking forward to Parliamentary Procedure in the spring. "The atmosphere at (Ag Sales) was so inviting and filled with opportunities, it was enjoyable trying to convince strangers to purchase the item you approached them with..." said Hailey about her experience during the event. Hailey, along with fellow chapter members Josey Koehn and Megan Espinola won top three at districts. "I had a wonderful time and am excited for it next year".