CDE Committee Bylaws


The name of the committee shall be the Oregon FFA State CDE Committee. It is a committee authorized by the State FFA Executive Committee, July 11-12, 1990. The committee will function under State FFA Executive Committee approved bylaws that will provide for annual replacement of a portion of the committee. A regular report will be made by the Executive Secretary to the State Executive Committee at the completion of any changes made by the CDE Committee.
The purpose of the committee shall be consistent with the constitution and bylaws of the National FFA and Oregon FFA Association. The committee shall cooperate with the Oregon State FFA Executive Committee and State FFA Board of Directors in accomplishing the following purposes.

1.         Review and revise state CDE rules, content, scheduling and procedures.

2.         Promote industry input and involvement with state CDE’s.

3.         Committee will not function in a grievance or protest vote capacity.

4.         Establish criteria for establishing new or eliminating existing CDE’s.

Membership: The membership of the state CDE committee will be made up of the following:
1.         A local FFA chapter advisor other than the district advisor from each FFA district (12) will be elected by the advisors from the district represented.
2.         The executive secretary or an appointed individual will serve as an ex-officio member.
3.         District representatives are recommended to have a minimum of three years as an Ag Educator/FFA Advisor in Oregon to be eligible for committee.
4.          In the event a representative can't fulfill term, the district selects a replacement to fulfill that term. The representative appointed could then be reappointed for their full term.
5.          Terms start at the conclusion of the Annual State FFA Convention.
6.          All district representatives will be current secondary Ag educators.
1.         An annual election will be held at the State Convention to elect chairmen and other officers as deemed necessary to serve a one year term.
The committee will:
1.        Be responsible for all revisions, rules and proposals concerning state career development events.
2.        Review and revise events on a rotation basis or as deemed appropriate by a majority vote of committee.
3.        Facilitate in-service activities to promote CDE involvement.
4.        Establish criteria to determine the individual state CDE validity and practicality.
5.        Establish criteria for sanctioning state CDE’s.
6.        Actively encourage industry, advisor, alumni, and member input.
1.        Committee will meet at least three times a year. The times will be at the State Convention, the Summer Ag Conference, and the State Fair.
2.        Special meetings will be called by the chairman or the State FFA Executive Secretary.
3.         All proposals must be submitted in writing and presented to the committee for the year the specific Career Development Event comes up on rotation.
                a. Before a proposal can be formally discussed by the committee it must be put in the form of a motion by a committee member.
                b. No action can be taken on the first reading of a proposal.
                c. Action may be taken at the meeting following the initial reading.
                d. A proposal not acted upon within one year of initial reading must be resubmitted.
                e. Emergency revisions may happen out of the three year rotation as determined by the Committee but must follow the same process.                      
4.         Committee will operate under Robert's Rules of Order with each committee member present casting one vote.
5.         All State CDE Committee minutes will be circulated.
6.         Electronic votes may be used in emergency situations.
CDE Yearly Rotation
Agricultural Issues
Agriscience Fair
Parliamentary Procedure
Prepared Public Speaking
Sophomore Public Speaking
Extemporaneous Public Speaking
Beginning Public Speaking
Creed Speaking
Job Interview
Marketing Plan
Soil Judging
Tractor Operators
Livestock Evaluation
Veterinary Science
Agricultural Sales
Environmental & Natural Recourses
Secretary’s Book
Treasurer’s Book
Technology Scrapbook
Coop Quiz
Portfolio (Beginning and Advanced)
Agricultural Communications
Agricultural Mechanics
Dairy Cattle Evaluation
Dairy Foods
Farm Business Management
Food Science and Technology
Horse Evaluation
Meats Evaluation
Poultry Evaluation


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