The purpose of the State Floriculture Event is to provide recognition to students who have shown proficiency in the area of nursery practices and landscaping through vocational agriculture instruction.


1.    Identify floriculture and bedding plant materials.

2.    Identify and understand treatment of unhealthy plants due to pest, nutritional, mechanical or chemical injury.

3.    Understand the biological and scientific principles and develop the skills underlying propagation, growth requirements, growing techniques, harvesting, marketing and maintenance of established floriculture plants.

4.    Understand principles and develop skills of floral design.

5.    Identify and select appropriate supplies and equipment for the flower shop and greenhouse.

6.    Understand and demonstrate the use of safety procedures and practices in floriculture operations.

7.    Operate and maintain appropriate equipment for floriculture operations.

8.    Understand and demonstrate interpersonal skills necessary for successful employment in the floriculture industry.

9.    Understand and demonstrate proper sales and customer service skills.

10.  Understand general business practices appropriate to the floriculture industry.

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