The State FFA Forestry Event is designed to stimulate interest among state FFA chapters in promoting technical instruction in Oregon's number one business - Forestry; and to provide recognition to those who have demonstrated skills and competencies as a result of forestry instruction.


1. Ability to understand and use forestry terms.

2. Ability to promote an understanding of the economic impact of the forest environment and the forest industry to the American economy.

3. Ability to recognize sustainability (multiple use) opportunities in the forests.

4. Ability to recognize environmental and social factors affecting the management of forests.

5. Ability to identify major species of trees of economic importance to the United States and Internationally.

6. Ability to identify hand tools, equipment and their uses in forestry management.

7. Ability to recognize and understand approved silvicultural practices in the United States.

8. Ability to identify forest disorders.

9. Ability to take a forest inventory.

10. Ability to utilize marketing management strategies.

11. Ability to recognize safety practices in forest management

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