Forestry Skills Event



  1. The Forestry Skills Event will use the Forestry Board as an advisory board for the forestry skill event rules. 
  2. This event will be a two day event with First Aid, Demonstration Speech, and the Land Management Team Event taking place on the first day and all other events on the 2nd day. 
  3. All participants must be authorized for entry by the local instructor.  In order to ensure  safety, any participants that do not clearly demonstrate that they have the knowledge necessary for land log rolling, chainsaw bucking, tree climbing, and Jack and Jill handsaw bucking  will be immediately disqualified by the judge of the event. 
  4. The number of entries allowed per school may vary with each area.
  1. Contestants must meet the clothing and safety requirements as listed for each individual event.  Also, contestants are responsible for supplying their own pencils and other supplies as indicated.
  1. Footwear Descriptions:

·         Class 1 – Any type of shoe

·         Class 2 - Leather work boot

·         Class 3 - Work shoe with ankle support and traction sole, preferably leather

·         Class 4 - Leather work boot with adequate heel for tree climbing

  1. Supervision of students who attend the event will be the responsibility of each local instructor.
  1. Judges will be issued a current copy of the rules of their event and be briefed a half an hour prior to the event. 
  1. The Program Coordinator and/or other state staff will serve as the head scorekeepers.
  1. Any events/situations not governed by these rules will be referred to the official ALA (American Lumberjack Association) rules. 
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