General Information, Eligibility & Hosting



1.   A team consists of up to 5 (five) members with the top three (3) scores of that team being tallied for the team score, unless otherwise specified.  A chapter may enter two teams in any or all of the state CDE’s for which they qualify and pay the entry fees (unless otherwise specified in the rules).  A $12 registration fee is required of all team CDE’s which is submitted on/or before January 31, or $30 for all those submitted after the January 31 due date.  (Excluding Ag Sales and Soils)  The fee for second team is $12.  All Registration fees are non-refundable.  Registration must be received 1 month prior to the CDE in order for a team to be eligible.  Teams registering by phone will be charged the CDE fee even if they do not participate.

2.   Registration fees for Agricultural Mechanics, Floriculture, Dairy Foods, and Food Science & Technology and Meats Evaluation are $25 per team as these CDE’s have additional fees. 

3.   Each chapter entering a team or individual is asked to certify, and have available, at least one advisor or approved adult to assist in the CDE in which the team or individual will participate.



1.    Each chartered FFA chapter in good standing with the State Association is eligible to enter a maximum of two (2) five (5) member teams (NO ALTERNATES) (unless otherwise specified in specific CDE information) in each state career development event.  Each advisor must designate one team as the "A" team, the other designated as the "B" team. The "B" team members are only eligible for individual awards.

2.    If five (5) or more "B" teams are pre-registered for a state CDE, then the "B" teams will compete against each other for "B" team banners.

3.    A beginning member will defined as a 7th, 8th, 9th, or 1st year in agricultural education 10th grader until they have competed in a sectional or state CDE in the CDE of which is in question.  CDE’s that have beginning divisions are Livestock Evaluation, Beginning Parli Pro, and Beginning Public Speaking. 

4.    District, Sectional & State levels of Creed Speaking, Beginning Public Speaking, Sophomore Public Speaking, Advanced Prepared Public Speaking, Extemporaneous Public Speaking, Beginning Parliamentary Procedure, and Advanced Parliamentary Procedure events will be open to the public. 

5.    Job Interview Documents, Advanced Public Speaking Manuscripts, Marketing Plans, Sophomore Public Speaking Manuscripts, and Beginning Public Speaking Manuscripts must be sent to the FFA State Office two weeks prior to the Friday of State Convention for manuscript scoring.  Those missing the deadline will be penalized according the rules of the CDE.  All paperwork received more than 1 hour late will receive a 0.  All Paperwork for the CDE’s listed above will only be scored once and that score will follow the participant throughout the state CDE.

6.    Hard copies of contestants Job Interview Documents, Marketing Plans, Ag Issues Portfolio’s, Public Speaking Manuscripts (Beginning, Sophomore, and Advanced) must be received by the State CDE Coordinator by 2pm on Friday of State Convention.  Those missing the deadline will be penalized according the rules of the CDE.  All paperwork received more than 1 hour late will receive a 0. 

7.    Contestants will report to the CDE event site in question in advance of the CDE start time. This is determined by the individual Career Development Event.  Late teams will not be allowed to participate.

8.    All classes will be identified by number and/or name.

9.    All state level tests will come from the last three years of national tests (unless otherwise specified in the rules).

10.  Teams should be divided into groups so that no two contestants from a chapter will be in the same group and, when grouped, shall remain with that group.

11.  Any communication between contestants during a CDE will be sufficient cause to eliminate the team(s) or individual involved from the CDE.

12.  Any assistance given to a team member from any source during a CDE will be sufficient cause to eliminate the team and individual from the CDE.

13.  Contestants are urged to bring and use clipboards during judging CDE’s to facilitate the holding of placing and grading cards.  The clipboards are to be clean and free of markings.  A few sheets of blank paper will also be permitted for taking notes and recording the contestant placing; however, these sheets will not be allowed when giving reasons.

14.  District contests shall be held under the jurisdiction of the district advisor.  The district advisor is responsible for the organization, conduct, and selection of impartial judges for the CDE as agreed upon by the advisors of the district or district council.

15.  Sectional contests shall be held under the jurisdiction of the three district advisors.  The district advisors are responsible for organization, conduct, and selection of impartial judges for the contests.

16.  The entries in each sectional CDE shall be limited to two representatives from each district, or as specified by sectional rules, and certified by the district advisor.  Three representatives will be allowed to go to a sectional CDE in leadership events where nine or more chapters compete at the district level. 

17.  The district advisors of a section will establish a rotation of the coordination and hosting responsibilities for sectional contests.  The hosting responsibilities of the district advisors would include the information listed previously.

18.  Districts may establish additional rules and qualifications for a CDE as long as the district representatives to the next level of participation meet the qualifications and limitations as outlined in the state CDE rules.

19.        Advisor will have the right to verify all Questions, Tests and Keys prior to total scoring.  Any question or problem questions will be adjusted prior to contestant placing.  If an Advisor has the desire to verify the Questions, Tests and Keys this should be done prior to the posted CDE start time.

20.        All Career Development Event scoring sheets and keys will be given to the respective school following awards.

21.        Awards will not be given out until appeals are heard and reviewed.

22.        Appeals must be given prior to awards.

23.        Appeals committee will be advisor of teams present, CDE judges (if present) and CDE host.

24.        EVENT ADJUSTMENTS:  The Event Superintendent and State FFA Event Staff will have the right to make any adjustments to the State Event to ensure that an effect and proper event takes place.  Any changes to the events will be discussed at the Coaches Orientation Meeting 30 minutes prior to the posted start time.

25.        The state advisor and/or state executive secretary may make modifications, due to unforeseen circumstances; to a state career development event with the CDE remaining a state recognized CDE.  Notification of CDE changes will be announced immediately prior to the state CDE or earlier if possible.

26.        NO TEAM shall practice with an official CDE judge or superintendent 30 days or less before the State Career Development event occurs.

27.        No corrections and/or changes to student judging cards or scorecards once the card leaves the students possession will be allowed. 



1.    The student contestant must be a bona fide dues paying FFA member in good standing with the local chapter, state association and the National Organization at the time of his or her participation.

2.    The student contestant, at the time of his or her participation, must be: (l) an eligible middle school (7th and 8th grade) or high school student (9-12).  A graduating senior is considered eligible to compete in state and national contests up to and including the first National FFA Convention following high school graduation.  (2) Enrolled in at least one agriculture education course with a supervised experience program, the objective of which is the establishment in an agricultural occupation. 

3.    If a member has competed in a National Event, they are no longer eligible to compete at the state level in any event in which they compete at nationals. 

4.    No student may participate in more than one national FFA team CDE each year.  No student may participate in both the Prepared Public Speaking and Extemporaneous Public Speaking in the same year above the district level.  Student contestants may participate in a speaking CDE and team CDE in the same year.  Contestant eligibility in other state contests will be found in the rules of the respective CDE.  See National FFA Career Development Event rules for national CDE eligibility.




The members of a state team must be from the same FFA chapter.  Team members must be selected at a state CDE held since the beginning of the previous school year and they must qualify in the same kind of CDE in which they are to participate on the national level.  In the event a state winning team cannot attend the national CDE, the second place team is eligible.



Creed Speaking, Extemporaneous Public Speaking, Job Interview, Parliamentary Procedure, and Prepared Public Speaking CDE contestants must go through an elimination process starting at the district level.  Each district may submit the top two (2)* contestants to the sectional CDE.  Three (3) contestants will be allowed to go to a sectional CDE in leadership events where six** or more chapters compete at the district level. 

The top two (2) sectional CDE winners will compete in the state CDE at the State FFA Convention. 

*Unless otherwise specified by sectional rules and certified by district advisor.


The state winners of the Creed, Public Speaking, Parliamentary Procedure, and Extemporaneous Public Speaking contests will be eligible to enter the sub‑regional CDE held during the National FFA Convention.  Sophomore Public Speaking, Beginning Public Speaking and Beginning Parliamentary Procedure Contests are terminated at the state level.


NOTE:  An FFA district may allow two (2)* entries per chapter in the Public Speaking, Extemporaneous Public Speaking and Creed Speaking CDE if properly approved and included in district and sectional CDE rules.  If such a rule exists, it is possible two (2) contestants from the same chapter could progress through sectional and the state contests.

*Unless otherwise specified by sectional rules and certified by district advisor.



The State Staff will:

1.   Be in charge of all state CDE arrangements.

2.   Enforce all rules and regulations governing the contests.

3.   Appoint all necessary superintendents and assistants in each of the CDE divisions.

4.   Prepare instructions for the general CDE superintendents of each CDE.

5.   Coordinate the creation of all general knowledge tests and event practicums.



The Event Superintendent will:

1.    Be responsible for the selection of animals, poultry, poultry products, milk quality and dairy foods, meats, and other CDE materials and equipment for their respective division, and the setting up of, and actual operation of the CDE. 

2.    At the conclusion of each CDE, they will be responsible for taking down, returning or storing all CDE materials.

3.    Have full charge of all activities of their respective CDE during the period of the CDE, and will report any infraction of the rules to the State FFA Executive Secretary. Conduct a meeting of the officials of each CDE at a time preceding these events.

4.    Inform their assistant superintendents of their duties and responsibilities.

5.    Give full instructions to contestants prior to the start of the CDE.

6.    Supervise collection and scoring of all completed and/or score sheets of contestants.

7.    Provide an opportunity for the official judges to place or score the CDE.  Will collect the official judges completed cards and scores and deliver them to the superintendent in charge of tabulation.

8.    Arrange for the official judge to give reasons for the placing of scores when the CDE or a group of classes is completed and, when possible, allow the teachers and contestants to view the activities.

9.    Assist the State FFA CDE Coordinator in arranging for award presentations for teams and individual contestants, and will assist in distributing these awards at the time designated for such presentations.

10.  Select some other adult to serve in their place if they cannot be present to perform their assigned duties.  The State FFA CDE Coordinator should be notified and give approval of such substitutions.



1.    Official judges for each state CDE will be selected by the State FFA Executive Secretary or delegated representative.

2.    The official judges shall make their placing in the same manner as is required of contestants with respect to handling specimens or animals.

3.    The official judges will give their completed official placing and scores to the Event Superintendent.

4.    Placing by the official judges must be kept confidential until the CDE or group of classes are completed and public announcements are made.