Horse Evaluation


The purpose of the State FFA Horse Evaluation and Selection Event is to 1) stimulate the study of, and interest in, equine selection, management and production through the agricultural education curriculum, and 2) provide recognition for those who have demonstrated skills and competencies as a result of instruction in equine science.



1.    To instill leadership and motivate learning in the classroom while developing student skills in cooperative learning, observation, analysis and communication.

2.    To develop and exercise competitive spirit in a team atmosphere.

3.    To promote career choices by providing an opportunity for participants to become acquainted with professionals within the industry.

4.    To advance knowledge in selection and management of horses.

5.    To develop the proficiency to communicate effectively in the terminology of the industry.

6.    To provide the opportunity to evaluate, make a decision and justify those decisions on conformation traits and performance of horses.

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