Meats Evaluation & Technology


The purpose of the Oregon FFA Association Meats Evaluation and Technology Career Development Event is for students interested in the meat animal industry to become knowledgeable in evaluating meat types and to develop awareness that will help them become more informed producers and consumers.



1.  To develop employment skills for students who are interested in exploring or pursuing career opportunities in the meat animal industry.

2.  To assist the local agriculture instructor in motivating students to become knowledgeable consumers of meat and meat animal products and/or involved in the industry of meat animal marketing and merchandising.

3.  To encourage the development of broader analytical skills, critical thinking strategies and an understanding of appropriate meat terminology for high school students.

4.  To develop the ability to evaluate meat animal products in order to optimize economic returns to producers and industry as well as to meet the needs of the consumer.

5.  To develop good cooperation and communication skills in working together to accomplish a goal.

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