Milk Quality and Products


The State FFA Milk Quality and Products Event is designed as a practical method of teaching individuals activities related to the production, processing, distribution, promotion, marketing and consumption of Dairy Foods.



1. Utilize knowledge of milk quality

a. Producing quality milk

A. Regulations

B. Grades and classes of milk

C. Factors necessary to produce quality milk

b. Cleaning and sanitizing

A. General types of cleaners and sanitizers

B. Water hardness

C. Milkstone

D. Equipment, teats and udders

c. Cooling milk

d. Identifying diseases transmitted to consumers via milk

e. Recognizing causes of off flavors in milk

2. Utilize knowledge of milk pricing

a. Marketing and marketing concepts

A. Pricing trends

B. Economics

C. Supply and demand

b. Federal milk marketing orders, economics and distribution

A. Transportation costs

B. Cooperatives

C. Pricing

3. Utilize knowledge of the composition and quality characteristics of raw and pasteurized  milk and milk products

a. Nonfat solids portion

b. Milkfat

c. Adulterants, including water

d. Bacterial standards and usual methods of estimating their numbers

4. Understand the causes and control of mastitis, its influences on milk quality and cheese  yield and the use of mastitis detection methods in controlling the disease

a. Causes

b. Prevention

c. Detection (California Mastitis Test and Direct Microscopic Somatic Cell Count)

d. Treatment

e. Regulatory programs

5. Identify cheese varieties and characterize properties

6. Identify flavor defects and evaluate milk quality

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