Earning to Live

   Taylor Garofano, of the Jefferson FFA, has recently gotten a few chicks talking. This last year at the Marion County Fair, Taylor entered her top three market chickens in the show for her first time; however, what most didn't think about was the time and work that went into raising a flock of 'pecky' eaters. "Everyday I had to make sure that my chickens had food and water... I fed them fryer ration poultry feed and some vegetable scraps from my garden... when preparing my market broilers I had to bathe them and make sure that they were free of mites and other parasites" said Garofano. Through Taylor's hard work, she has learned that earning a living should not be taken lightly, especially when it comes to raising live animals.

     Another prime example is of Hillary from the McMinnville FFA chapter who has never known anything other than waking up early every single morning to work on the farm, even if it cut into homework or social time. Being only a small grass operation, run entirely by her family, finances haven’t always come naturally to the household. In order to help keep food on the table, Hillary and her sisters have had to step outside of the life of a normal teenager and work harder on their club sheep operation to help earn money so their parents can rest easy and live a comfortable life.