Board of Directors

1.   The governing body of the Oregon FFA Association, which shall exercise the powers granted in section 4 of Public Law 105-225, shall be a Board of Directors composed of (a) the State Specialist of Agricultural and Natural Resources Education, who shall be ex-officio; (b) one district advisor (agricultural instructor) from each of the FFA districts in the state;  (c) up to two state staff members in the Agricultural Education Service who shall be ex-officio, one of which will serve as secretary; (d) one representative from Oregon FFA Alumni; (e) one representative from Oregon FFA Foundation; (f) one representative from Oregon State University Agricultural Education Department

2.   The term of office of members on the Board and the methods of selection of such members, other than the ex-officio members, are prescribed in the bylaws.

3.   The Board may designate the chairman, State Advisor and State Executive Secretaryas a governing committee which, when the Board is not in session, shall have and exercise the powers of the Board subject to its discretion.

4.   The Oregon FFA Association will indemnify its officers and Board of Directors to the fullest extent allowed by Oregon law.