The State FFA Crops Career Development Event is designed to stimulate interest and study in economically important plants and seeds, and the weed and weed seeds that are commonly associated with these crops.  The CDE should also help develop an appreciation and skills in identifying factors that influence crop and seed quality.



1.    To demonstrate basic knowledge of crop and agronomic sciences.

2.    To explore career opportunities, skills and proficiencies in the agronomy industry.

3.    To determine the ability to identify agronomic:

a.    Crops

b.    Weeds

c.    Seeds

d.    Insects

e.    Diseases

f.     Plant nutrient deficiencies

g.    Plant disorders

h.    Crop grading and pricing

i.      Equipment

4.    To evaluate a scenario and develop a crop management plan including crop selection, production and marketing.

5.    To demonstrate understanding of sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship through the use of integrated pest management and best management practices.