The purpose of the Nursery‑Landscape Event is to provide recognition to students who have shown proficiency in the area of nursery practices and landscaping through vocational agriculture instruction.



1.    Nursery/Landscape Principles: To apply nursery and landscape principles and practices as they impact residential, commercial, public and recreational applications.

2.    Plant Materials: To demonstrate the ability to identify, select and utilize nursery and landscape plants (interior/exterior), landscape materials and turf grasses commonly used in the United States.

3.    Plant Disorders: To demonstrate the ability to identify unhealthy plant conditions due to pests, nutritional/physiological disorders and mechanical/chemical injury.

4.    Cultural Practices: To demonstrate knowledge of the principles and skills involved in propagation, growth requirements, growing techniques, harvesting, sustainability, marketing and maintenance of interior and exterior landscape plants and turf grasses.

5.    Design and Construction: To demonstrate knowledge of the principles and techniques of landscape design and construction.

6.    Supplies and Equipment: To demonstrate the ability to identify, select, use and maintain appropriate supplies and equipment for nursery and landscape operations, including equipment and procedures in mechanization and automation.

7.    Safety: To demonstrate knowledge of safety practices in nursery and landscape operations.

8.    Interpersonal Relations: To demonstrate skills in oral and written business communications.

9.    Marketing: To demonstrate an understanding of marketing principles as well as proper sales and service skills.

10.  Records and Reports: To demonstrate the ability to prepare accurate and legible records and reports and to interpret business documents.

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