What is your Passion?

Traveling across our state and even across the country adds a new perspective to my life that I can appreciate. The month of July started in Imbler, Oregon in Mr. and Mrs. Cant’s home to teach us new and improved ways to facilitate a classroom. After we travelled to my home, the Willamette Valley, to begin our hands-on Boots & Gloves Tours. Finally, we crossed the country to Washington D.C. to gather with 300 FFA State Officers for the State Officer Summit.

From the Marion Ag Fertilizer Plant to Siri & Son’s Organic Farm we saw the agriculture industry from multiple different perspectives, but one thing was clear; technology is key to a successful agricultural business. During our tour of Oak Park Farms with Mr. Mike Coon he said something that I will never forget,

“People will say that we farm, because what else can we do? We’re ‘stupid’… Farmers utilize technology that is available to be effective for the consumer and the environment.”

Mr. Coon went on to explain all the technology involved within the agriculture industry and how we need to tell that story. I held on to this quote until the end of the month when we departed for Washington D.C. While in D.C. we learned about causes that happened because a single person was passionate about it and advocated for their cause. We learned valuable ways to advocate for our principle and how to be proactive in helping others understand it.

I personally chose to advocate for agriculturalists and their movements, such as technology and farming. So, now you get to decided.

What is your passion?

How will you advocate for it?

~Olivia Palacios, State Reporter

What does humor mean to you?

This last month the state officer team had the opportunity to attend the Southern Oregon District Leadership Camp and have Checkpoint Training with the Idaho, Washington, and Alaska State Officers where we experienced many forms of hilarious fun.

At Southern Oregon’s DLC the team was able to see true humor during the canoe race. Teams lined up to race across the lake in order to win the race, and most teams made it across the lake successfully. However, the Henley FFA chapter’s team had different plans than making it across the lake. As soon as the air horn sounded the Henley boat flipped over not once or twice but five times. Even though it was a competition the boys in that canoe made the event so much more enjoyable because of a little humor out on the lake.

The next week at Checkpoint with the other state officer teams we had a chance to display our own kind of humor. During our training we thought it would be hilarious to pull a few pranks on our neighboring state officer teams. During lunch one day, the Alaska State officers and us blew up over 300 balloons and dumped them all over the Idaho’s room. However, that wasn’t it until next day that we convinced the Washington team to visit Dutch Bros to get coffee. While gone we covered their entire room with over 1,300 styrofoam cups full with gallons of water. Washington FFA came back from Dutch and once both of the teams were done laughing we decided to transfer all of the cups into Alaska’s room. Throughout the whole week we were paranoid one of the other teams would prank us as well, but they didn’t…until the very last day of training. After returning from an enjoyable lunch, we looked at the FFA pickups and noticed something different. They were completely covered in saran wrap and inside there was a not-so-pleasant surprise of confetti everywhere.

Through these experiences I mentioned above and others that I didn’t have time to, the 2019-2020 Oregon FFA State Officer team has truly learned the value of making a joke at the right moment. Though we should always approach the jobs we’re given with sincerity, we shouldn’t take ourselves to seriously. We must learn to find humor in the little things and always be quick to laugh.

With excitement for the humor we’ll have on the journey ahead,

Your 2019-2020 State Treasurer Keegan Gibbs

New Experiences

May was a month full of new experiences. At the beginning of the month, our team spent time on the beautiful Oregon coast for kickoff training, where we learned from our National FFA Facilitator how to amplify our strengths, make the most of our social interactions, and how to build an effective workshop. Then we took a drive over to Corvallis to watch members’ work pay off at CDE days. Another milestone occurred for all six of us; we graduated from high school!!

One particularly new and memorable experience I had was at the Lower Willamette District leadership camp; I FOUND A SNAIL.

Now, I know what you might be thinking; what’s the big deal with finding a snail? Well you see, in Eastern Oregon, snails aren’t very common, so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered one outside of Josiah’s workshop space. I know it seems silly that this slimy shelled creature could bring so much excitement, but there are small moments, like finding “Gary” the snail, that occur in our lives every day. Do we always take the time to appreciate these small moments?

Oftentimes, we as people get focused on large milestones in our life. Now this is not necessarily a bad thing; we need goals to look ahead to where we want to go in life. But when we get so focused on something on the horizon, we sometimes forget to enjoy the rest of the view. Every day, there are small and unique  “snail moments” where we are able to have new experiences, just by chance. These “snail moments” happen when we have a conversation with a new person, visit a new place, or simply experience something small that we never have before. I encourage everyone to be aware of their everyday “snail moments” and appreciate them.

Thankful for the small moments spent,

Deidre L. Schreiber

State Secretary

Our Adventure Begins

Our Adventure Begins….


April was a crazy month full of long car rides together, learning new skills, and making new memories. Our team embarked on our first adventure together for a whole two and a half weeks. We were leaving or homes, families, and friends, but had no idea how many new friends we would make and the family we would form.

We started this adventure at Central Oregon’s District Leadership camp. We were very excited, but also so nervous in anticipation of our first camp, our first chance to make an impact.

We worked all night the day before making sure we were ready for anything. (this even included having to listen to Josiah go through the schedule like twelve times) We got up early and headed out to camp. Little did we know, this was going to be an amazing start to our year!  

Central Oregon’s Camp was a great experience for all of us. We met countless members with a passion for leadership, a group of advisors that care so much, and oh we can’t forget having to jump into a freezing cold lake at six in the morning for the polar plunge. This camp is an unforgettable experience for our team and we made many memories.

Next stop on our trip was the Willamette Valley for the Oregon Ag Fest. Our team got to help teach the local community more about Agriculture, and maybe even learn something ourselves. On our breaks we enjoyed things like trying not to cry while trying different hot sauces, watching unbelievable magic tricks, and eating ice cream. The Oregon Ag Fest is a very fun place to visit if you ever get a chance.

Last stop on our adventure was to Lincoln City for some training to better serve this wonderful organization. We had past national secretary Erica Baier come out and teach us countless skills we can use to better ourselves and make this a successful year. We also had a lot of fun together after training whether it was watching a lot of Disney Movies and random Netflix shows, to us boys wrestling on the beach, or just all the late night talks we had. Our team grew into a family and that trip is something I will never forget.

We all headed home after our first adventure, excited to see what the rest of the year is going to bring.

With much excitement,

Riley Davis

Oregon FFA State Vice President


A New Chapter Begins

A New Chapter Begins

I hear the Chicago Bulls Theme Song play through the thick walls of the First Interstate Bank Center. Suddenly, I hear hundreds of voices all scream in unison.

Hmm…I wonder who just got elected

I don’t know what name was just announced since my ears can’t quite pick up the words, but I do know the 2019-2020 Oregon FFA Vice President is sprinting full speed towards the room I’m sitting in. A minute later, through my tears, I see my teammate Riley Davis bust through the door to the room I’m in. Screaming and tackling Riley, only one thought is in my head.

It’s going to be a great year

That thought was one that went through my head four more times over the course of the next half hour. Deidre, Keegan, Olivia, and finally Ellie eventually made it to the room. (Side note: the holding room for State Officer-elects is a decently long distance from the main stage, and we all sympathize with Deidre’s joke that the hardest part of running for State Office is literally the run at the end)

As we all finally sat down at a table together, the 2019-2020 State Officer Team was assembled. At the moment, though we didn’t know each other all that well, what we did know was that we were excited to better an organization whose impact on each of our lives cannot be overstated.

Deidre comes from a town so far away from civilization that she has to drive more than six hours to arrive at most state FFA events and almost four hours to the nearest airport. Ellie is a master sheep showman, when I can count the number of sheep I’ve physically touched on one hand. Olivia is incredibly organized and constantly turns items in early, while my room is rarely in order and my work is often turned in the day it’s due. Keegan is a world traveler, having spent significant time in Australia on a sheep farm where he learned they say “Fat Income” about almost everything. Riley is batman. Well, maybe not actually, but he is a spray paint art and card trick master.

We are all very different

Though it is tempting for any of us as leaders to wish we were surrounded by a team exactly like us, I am confident that these differences between us will be our strength this coming year. We will bring our unique perspectives, backgrounds, and values together with one mission that we will accomplish at all costs: Continue a legacy by impacting as many lives as possible.

During state convention, I made a remark about this new chapter, saying “A page is turning for Oregon FFA. Right now, we have the opportunity of a new chapter and a blank page, and the pen is in our hand.” During state convention, Oregon FFA asked us to join them for this wild ride on an adventure. In response, we are filled with joy as a state officer team while we call shotgun and buckle up for the adventure ahead. We have just begun to join in with Oregon FFA members as we collectively begin work on writing a truly amazing story for ourselves this coming year. Even now in our first days as state officers, the potential we see humbles us, fills us with gratitude, and excites us beyond belief.

With eager anticipation,

Josiah Cruikshank
Oregon FFA State President685464