Meet our 2019-2020 Oregon FFA Foundation Ambassadors
Ambassadors touring Miller Timber in Philomath, OR
From left to right: JD Stables, Maddie Lamken, Antionio Martinez

JD Stables
JD graduated from Amity High School June of 2019. JD’s love for FFA started at a young age as he grew up as an “ FFA advisor’s kid”, his dad has been an agriculture education teacher for years. When asked how FFA has impacted his life JD said, “Once I joined FFA in 7th grade, I broke through my shyness and gained many life skills. I learned how to be a team player, I learned a work ethic, I learned dedication to a project, and most importantly I learned how to be me.” Through his involvement in FFA, JD discovered a passion for trees and forestry. Now his future goal is to become a licensed forest engineer. JD is currently attending Oregon State University where he is pursuing a degree in both Civil and Forest Engineering.

Maddie Lamken
Maddie joins us from the Redmond FFA Chapter. Maddie is attending Oregon State University Cascades campus for one year before she transfers to the Oregon State University Corvallis campus. Upon completion of her degree she will apply for the veterinary medicine program with the intention of becoming of a large animal veterinarian. As you may have guessed, Maddie LOVES animals, especially her sheep that she raises for commercial and show purposes. Through her involvement in FFA Maddie has excelled in Career Development events related to livestock and veterinary science. In fact, she will travel to the National FFA Convention this Fall where she will compete nationally in the Veterinary Science Career Development Event. Maddie says her involvement in the Veterinary Science Career Development Event is what motivated her to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine.

Antionio Martinez
Antionio graduated from Central High School June of 2019. Antonio comes from an urban background and prior to his involvement in FFA he had no experience in agriculture. He now is exhibiting goats at his county fair and plans to pursue a career in Agriculture Education. He is attending Chemeketa Community College this year and he will eventually transfer to Oregon State University where he will study horticulture with the intention of becoming an Agriculture Education teacher in the state of Oregon. When asked what he has gained from his involvement in FFA Antonio said, “My three years of involvement in the FFA have broadened my horizons to the agriculture industry and I have gained many new agricultural experiences, like working on my local community/alumni member farm.”

About the FFA Foundation Ambassador Program:
Oregon FFA Foundation Ambassadors represent the Oregon FFA Foundation to the agriculture and business industry. Ambassadors attend trade shows, corporate events, professional conferences, participate in business and industry tours, occasionally speak at various functions within the industry, and serve as critical support to the Foundation at the annual Oregon FFA State Convention.