State Fair

All Documents, forms, and entry forms can be found below.

Dates for the 2024 Oregon State Fair are August 23rd – September 2nd.  With FFA at the Fair August 21st – August 26th.  

See schedule for more details on FFA events:
2024 Combined 4-H & FFA Barn Schedule


Preparation for the Fair:

  • Review the premium books carefully to familiarize yourself with the details. Students need to be very aware of these regulations. Including rules regarding animal welfare and showmanship ethics.
  • Please make sure students have read and have in their possession a copy of the Livestock Show Ring Code of Ethics and any necessary livestock ownership documents.
  • Use the premium book to familiarize your students, their parents, your superintendent, and other with the FFA activities t the State Fair.
  • There are additions and modifications to division and call offerings. Due to changes in instructors, we have rearranged some assignments. You will find an updated assignment list enclosed for your review.
  • State Fair Camping is coordinated through the Oregon State Fair.  If you are interested in camping at the Oregon State Fair, use this link for information directly through the Oregon State Fair


  • All forms required for state fair exhibits and events are due in the State FFA Office no later that August 1st. THIS IS A HARD DEADLINE. LATE ENTRIES OR ENTRIES NOT IN MICROSOFT OFFICE EXCEL FORMAT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
    • Entry Form Exceptions: Crops, Nursery, Wool and Ag Mechanics projects do not need to be listed on the Form SF-1 submitted by August 1st. Members with those projects should have name and address and crops in the description. 

State Fair entry forms should be sent by the chapter advisor by EMAIL ONLY to:

Lee Letsch at:


    • Schedule of Activities: Familiarize your participants with the schedule and the importance of arriving ahead of schedule for their events. Please check both 4-H & FFA and Open Show schedules to avoid conflicts. Contact superintendents of both shows if a conflict occurs. 
    • Exhibitor Meetings: Attendance is required at exhibitor meetings for all livestock exhibitors. 


    • The FFA Division of the Oregon State Fair had been organized and planned for participation by active FFA members. Each entry form that is received in the State FFA Office will be checked for current membership. If dues have not been paid for any individuals entering, those individuals must pay membership dues before they are eligible to participate in the State Fair. 
    • Members must also have a current AET waiver on file before they are eligible to participate in the State Fair. 

    Livestock Exhibitors:

    Advisors: Please review the following information with your livestock exhibitors before they fill out entry forms: 

    • Members will register by breed division for registered or grade animals
    • If a crossbreed, an entry must be shown in the commercial cross.
    • If the animal is not registered in the exhibitors name, a copy of the SAE agreement must be attached.
    • If the registration papers are not brought to onsite registration for verification, animals will be moved into commercial class.
    • Registered and grade animals will be shown together, unless there are enough entries to divide into registered and grade classes. 
    • If registering by “other breed”, please indicate what breed. 

    Exhibitor Release Information:

    • All livestock exhibits will be released Monday, August 28th, starting at 3:00 pm with a staggered release for exhibitors based on distance. A release schedule will be posted on the barn office. 
    • Livestock exhibits must be out of the barn no later than 10:00 pm, Monday, August 28th. If you need to hold your animal(s) over for the open show, you must make arrangements. Please let state staff know by 8am on Saturday if you need to hold over. 

    File Attachments:
    2024 Horse Premium Book, Entry Form & Waiver

    2024 Livestock, Small Animal & Static Exhibit Premium Book
    OSU Stockman Award Application
    Tractor Operators Contest Manual
    Tractor Operator Contest Form

    Current 4-H/FFA Agreement