1928 Society:
The 1928 Society is a statewide individual giving campaign to engage and solicit donations from individuals, families, parents, alum and any other supporter of Oregon FFA and Ag Education. This campaign is named the “1928 Society Campaign” in honor of the year 1928 when the FFA was founded. The campaign holds true to a commitment from the Foundation whereby supporters may designate 50% of their contribution to a local FFA chapter of their choice. The funds collected and retained at the state level will be used as part of the general fund (unrestricted) and used toward essential programs as determined by the Foundation Board of Directors.
As a member of the 1928 Society, you are asked to make a pledge of $1928 to be paid over one, two, or three years.
The three levels of giving are distinguished as such:
Rising Sun Level— a pledge to give $1928 annually
Plow Level- a pledge to give $1928 over two years
Ear of Corn Level – a pledge to give $1928 over three years

To become a member of the 1928 Society please CLICK HERE.

Farms for FFA:
The Farms for FFA is an opportunity to connect production agriculture, one of the most important aspect of the Agriculture industry, to the FFA and Agricultural Education. The farms and ranches that make up the Farms for FFA program provide guidance, influence, and leadership, in addition to financial support. We cannot allow FFA to be a program “at risk,” but instead an organization which thrives within the agricultural community. It is for this reason many have pledged to become a Farm for FFA and are dedicated to the growth and survival of Oregon FFA.
A pledge to become a Farm for FFA means that for the next three years a farm or ranch commits to contribute $2,000 each year. The pledge these farms and ranches make helps ensure the FFA experience for its members today and for years to come. Oregon FFA serves to educate and develop leaders in agriculture. Many farmers and ranchers have been members, have had children that were members, or have hired employees that were members. In the agriculture industry it is well known the life changing impact FFA can have on a student. Contact us below for information on how to become a Farm for FFA.

Star Partners:
The Oregon FFA Foundation continues to formulate relationships with multiple IMG_4441corporate Star Partners who give each year to further educational avenues for FFA members. Sponsorship of the Oregon FFA provides corporate supporters the unique opportunity to develop brand affinity, recruit future employees, support a cause and ensure the future of the agricultural industry. The Oregon FFA is comprised of 107 chapters in most communities throughout the state. Our members consist of over 6,500 students enrolled in a high school agriculture education course. Our Alumni represent more than 1,000 adult supporters working to further the FFA and assist the local FFA chapter. Contact us below for information on how to become a Star Partner.
Star Partner Giving Levels:
1 Star Partner – $2,500 –$4,999 annually
2 Star Partner – $5,000- $9,999 annually
3 Star Partner – $10,000 – $14,999 annually
4 Star Partner – $15,000 – $19,999 annually
5 Star Partner  – $20,000-$24,999 annually
Silver Partner – $25,000-$49,999 annually
Gold Partner – $50,000-$99,999 annually
Platinum Sponsor – $100,000+ annually

To view a list of our current Star Partners please CLICK HERE. 

Please contact us with interest in giving.