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Five Star Partner

Four Star Partner

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn and Susan Kral

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Two Star Partner

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney and Cynthia Miles

Mr. and Mrs. William and Marjorie Ocumpaugh

Dr. and Mrs. Jim and Catherine Baltimore

Star Partner

Farms For FFA

Oak Park Farms

Hockett Farms, Inc

Northwest Onion, Inc

Meadow Ridge Farms, Inc

Mid Valley Farms, Inc

Standage Farms, Inc

Three Sisters Livestock

Forman Ranch

1928 Society

Rising Sun Level:

Sam Bugarsky

Burbanza Ranch

Kirk Maag

Brian and Laurel Field

Bill and Elin Miller

Portugal. The Man

Plow Level:

Ryan and Lindsey Kelly

Brent Fetsch

Jaque Deeds

Douglas and Janis Hoffman

Ear of Corn Level:

Joe and Brecklin Matteo

Heath and Sarah Curtiss

Dawn F Ranch, Westin Fowler

Ralph and Sue Fisher

John and Julie McCulley