There are some things in life that we only experience once. The 98 days we got to spend traveling the whole state of Oregon, and more, were times we will never get to replicate. These last couple of months have taught us to truly enjoy the journey we are on, and the places it will take us. As our journey comes to a close, we wanted to share some of the last moments of our tour through a little twist on a holiday story.


It twas the night before our last class visit when all through the Willamette Valley

not a State Officer was sleeping not even a little;

Our official dress was hung high in the back of our trucks with care

In hopes that we could make a difference in Oregon FFA come March at the Deschutes County Fair;

The members were all nestled in their beds

While visions of fun and exciting workshops played through their heads;

And Mackenzie dressed in her favorite Christmas sweater, and Sundee answering all her Snapchats,

Had all the streaks been answered they could finally hit the sack,


When at our great homestays the animals arose such a happy clatter,

Devin and Dylan sprang from their beds to see what was the matter.

Away to the kitchen they went like a flash,

To find that their host family had made breakfast alas.

The roads had no new-fallen snow

That gave Andrew and Holly a clear path to school with the roads below,

When, what to their eyes would appear,

But a school full of students, ready to take on the new year,


With a little hard work and a lot of fun, so much so, we would never quit,

That we knew it must be close to our last visit.

More crazy and faster than we thought they would go by,

We would never say this was goodbye.


There were so many fun and exciting things that we got to experience on tour this year, and it was all thanks to every member and chapter across the state. Whether it was playing tag on hay bales, going bowling, playing laser tag, or sitting around a campfire roasting some marshmallows, it was all amazing and worth it. There will always be fun times but it’s the times where we got to see who we were actually doing all this for that made this tour so much more memorable and exciting. We truly enjoyed our journey and everyone within it, until next time Happy Holidays from our family to yours.