Our Adventure Begins….


April was a crazy month full of long car rides together, learning new skills, and making new memories. Our team embarked on our first adventure together for a whole two and a half weeks. We were leaving or homes, families, and friends, but had no idea how many new friends we would make and the family we would form.

We started this adventure at Central Oregon’s District Leadership camp. We were very excited, but also so nervous in anticipation of our first camp, our first chance to make an impact.

We worked all night the day before making sure we were ready for anything. (this even included having to listen to Josiah go through the schedule like twelve times) We got up early and headed out to camp. Little did we know, this was going to be an amazing start to our year!  

Central Oregon’s Camp was a great experience for all of us. We met countless members with a passion for leadership, a group of advisors that care so much, and oh we can’t forget having to jump into a freezing cold lake at six in the morning for the polar plunge. This camp is an unforgettable experience for our team and we made many memories.

Next stop on our trip was the Willamette Valley for the Oregon Ag Fest. Our team got to help teach the local community more about Agriculture, and maybe even learn something ourselves. On our breaks we enjoyed things like trying not to cry while trying different hot sauces, watching unbelievable magic tricks, and eating ice cream. The Oregon Ag Fest is a very fun place to visit if you ever get a chance.

Last stop on our adventure was to Lincoln City for some training to better serve this wonderful organization. We had past national secretary Erica Baier come out and teach us countless skills we can use to better ourselves and make this a successful year. We also had a lot of fun together after training whether it was watching a lot of Disney Movies and random Netflix shows, to us boys wrestling on the beach, or just all the late night talks we had. Our team grew into a family and that trip is something I will never forget.

We all headed home after our first adventure, excited to see what the rest of the year is going to bring.

With much excitement,

Riley Davis

Oregon FFA State Vice President