May was a month full of new experiences. At the beginning of the month, our team spent time on the beautiful Oregon coast for kickoff training, where we learned from our National FFA Facilitator how to amplify our strengths, make the most of our social interactions, and how to build an effective workshop. Then we took a drive over to Corvallis to watch members’ work pay off at CDE days. Another milestone occurred for all six of us; we graduated from high school!!

One particularly new and memorable experience I had was at the Lower Willamette District leadership camp; I FOUND A SNAIL.

Now, I know what you might be thinking; what’s the big deal with finding a snail? Well you see, in Eastern Oregon, snails aren’t very common, so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered one outside of Josiah’s workshop space. I know it seems silly that this slimy shelled creature could bring so much excitement, but there are small moments, like finding “Gary” the snail, that occur in our lives every day. Do we always take the time to appreciate these small moments?

Oftentimes, we as people get focused on large milestones in our life. Now this is not necessarily a bad thing; we need goals to look ahead to where we want to go in life. But when we get so focused on something on the horizon, we sometimes forget to enjoy the rest of the view. Every day, there are small and unique  “snail moments” where we are able to have new experiences, just by chance. These “snail moments” happen when we have a conversation with a new person, visit a new place, or simply experience something small that we never have before. I encourage everyone to be aware of their everyday “snail moments” and appreciate them.

Thankful for the small moments spent,

Deidre L. Schreiber

State Secretary