Traveling across our state and even across the country adds a new perspective to my life that I can appreciate. The month of July started in Imbler, Oregon in Mr. and Mrs. Cant’s home to teach us new and improved ways to facilitate a classroom. After we travelled to my home, the Willamette Valley, to begin our hands-on Boots & Gloves Tours. Finally, we crossed the country to Washington D.C. to gather with 300 FFA State Officers for the State Officer Summit.

From the Marion Ag Fertilizer Plant to Siri & Son’s Organic Farm we saw the agriculture industry from multiple different perspectives, but one thing was clear; technology is key to a successful agricultural business. During our tour of Oak Park Farms with Mr. Mike Coon he said something that I will never forget,

“People will say that we farm, because what else can we do? We’re ‘stupid’… Farmers utilize technology that is available to be effective for the consumer and the environment.”

Mr. Coon went on to explain all the technology involved within the agriculture industry and how we need to tell that story. I held on to this quote until the end of the month when we departed for Washington D.C. While in D.C. we learned about causes that happened because a single person was passionate about it and advocated for their cause. We learned valuable ways to advocate for our principle and how to be proactive in helping others understand it.

I personally chose to advocate for agriculturalists and their movements, such as technology and farming. So, now you get to decided.

What is your passion?

How will you advocate for it?

~Olivia Palacios, State Reporter