When the Oregon FFA State Officer team began the month of September, we couldn’t believe that our year was already halfway done. It’s wild that the year so far has been filled with so many amazing experiences, yet it feels like just yesterday we were just starting.

We started off the month at the Oregon State Fair, where we cleaned up and began leadership tour preparation. After preparing our workshop and personal supplies for the road, we paired up, drew straws for which truck we’d each get, and hit the road. We went to the Umpqua and Mount Hood District Leadership Camps, then began leadership tour in the Central Oregon District. Following that, we went to Strawberry Mountain, Upper Willamette, Northwest, and Capital District Leadership Camps. During this time, we also had the opportunity to attend the signing of House Bill 2444 which recently allocated state funds to our association. We rounded out the month with more leadership tour visits and the Blue Mountain District Leadership Camp.

Through our journeys in September, I’ve found one theme emphasized over and over in the experiences we had: Use every second. It’s important as leaders and FFA members that we make the most of every situation we are thrusted into – even the uncomfortable, awkward, or boring ones.

At the beginning of the year, I was told something I will not soon forget: “Make the most of every second in office because it flies by!” At first, I thought this was bizarre and over the top. After all, there are a lot of seconds in a year! As we get closer and closer to our retirement at the 2020 Oregon FFA State Convention, however, the state officers have begun to realize the importance of seizing every opportunity and using every moment we have.

The same principle of making the most of our lives applies to us as individuals, too. Right now, it’s probably easy to think that we can wait until tomorrow to utilize every second we are given here on this earth, but let’s live lives that we can look back on with no regrets and a heart full of joy!

With excitement for every second of the journey ahead,

Josiah Cruikshank

2019-2020 Oregon FFA State President