Oh my goodness it is already March! When did that happen? It feels like time has flown by. To think a year ago all six of us started a journey that has forever changed our lives. This past year has felt like a blink of an eye, but also a lifetime. The journey has gone way too fast, but we’ve gained what feels like a lifetime of memories. We have experienced so many amazing things. From leadership camps to school visits and from business and industry tours to international travel, we’ve grown and learned so much along the way. I speak for the entire team when I say we will forever remember those experiences. But I believe most of all we will hold onto the legacy that has been created this year. 

Throughout this year we have tried to create a legacy within Oregon FFA. We have challenged each of you to try new things, be yourselves, be kind to the people around you, take risks, seize opportunities, and find how you can impact others. These are the legacies that we’ve tried to leave. Most remarkable, however, are the legacies we’ve seen each of you create. From actions like backpack programs, reading to middle schoolers, and food drives all the way to conversations, brief encouragement, and little moments of leadership that often go unnoticed, you are creating the legacy of our organization. The service, dedication, passion, kindness, leadership, and inspiration that each of you have brought to this organization is truly remarkable. You have inspired us and shown us how powerful our legacy can be. 

As we prepare for the 92nd annual Oregon FFA State Convention, I know I am excited to get to recognize and build our combined legacy. Every member, advisor, and supporter has a role in creating this legacy. While the four days we spend at convention are where we get to highlight our legacy, in reality it’s built 24/7. So let’s remember and be excited to continue to build our legacy as we get ready for March 19th in Redmond for the 92nd Oregon FFA State Convention!  

With excitement and gratitude, 

Ellie Hanson

2019-2020 State Sentinel