It seems as though in life there are some people exceptionally prone to accidents and mishaps. Someone specific just popped into your head, didn’t they? We all know someone that falls a little more than everyone else or who has broken a bone or two more than normal. I sure do. However, there are also those in our life who are prone to beautiful moments. Surrounded by my new family at our first training, I can safely say that my team and I are some of those people. Grace, Raimey, Celilo, Alivia, Colby, and I have spent the last week learning about what makes a great state officer and how we can be those individuals for Oregon FFA. 

We’ve spent over 30 hours training to serve the future of our organization: FFA members. From learning key traits, to how to invest our time in order to grow ourselves and members, every day we are closer to meeting and making amazing memories with all of you. 

Prone to accidents, the team and I have had our fair share of falls on this trip. From Celilo and I falling on the ground after slipping and sliding around the house in our socks to Raimey falling in Mirror Lake. We laugh, get back up again, and realize that some of us are especially prone to painful accidents.

However, I have realized in the short amount of time I’ve been with this team, that we are extremely prone to beautiful moments, too. We’ve laughed at the dinner table about some hilarious action Grace did, went on fantastic little adventures that Colby created memes about, have squeezed in every ounce of fun before Alivia had to go to bed early,  and have experienced true teamwork establishing the basis of our year and the actions we hope to accomplish to better the organization. 

Through our first training, I have learned an incredible amount of information about the people I am going to be spending the next year of my life with. I’ve learned birthdays, motivations, hardships, favorite TV shows, personality types, and everything in between. But what I’m most excited about this year, is that on this team each of us is prone to it all. Prone to accidents. Prone to kindness. Prone to adventure. Prone to imperfection. Prone to honesty. Prone to responsibility. And most of all, prone to absolutely beautiful moments. 

To be with each other for the first time made for a magical experience and we cannot wait to lead unconditionally with you this year!

Make sure and wish our State President, Grace Adams, a Happy 18th Birthday today!

With love,

Jenna Wallace

2020-2021 Oregon FFA State Vice President