My teammates and I just wrapped up a phenomenal training called “Delta,” led by Mr. and Mrs. Cant in the beautiful small town of Imbler. Part of our training was creating workshops we will present in classrooms. While we were each sketching out our workshop onto a piece of white paper with colorful markers, it was at that moment I remembered one of my favorite phrases… 

“The best is yet to come.” 

I had been eagerly looking forward to the Delta Training, because this is where we would create our workshops for students. The idea of myself creating an entire workshop for middle school/high school aged students was intimidating. Although with my five teammates, Joenelle, Mr. and Mrs. Cant, we all got it done!

Even though we may not know exactly how this year will look, as 2020 has been anything but “normal,” I do believe we all have something to look forward to. It may be a huge moment, or multiple small moments throughout this year. We all have the choice to look forward to the future, or to fear it. There will be bumps in the road, but it’s again our choice to remember in those moments that the best is yet to come. 

I hope just as my teammates and I have been able to continue preparation for this year no matter how it looks, you too can also look forward to the future. 

Stay safe, be kind, and remember, the best is yet to come! 

With gratitude, 

Raimey Brown

Oregon FFA 2020-2021 State Secretary