A couple days ago while looking back on photos from our year, I started reflecting on the crazy year we have had so far. In March, schooling went virtual. In April, while we were in quarantine, we were elected as
state officers via Zoom. In May, we finished our last month of high school. In June, we graduated. And in July, many of us sold our senior year projects virtually. Through each season, I learned one thing: even though it is easy to see the negatives in these situations, we must adapt to the times.

Everyday, people ask me about what our year looks like and how we as a team feel about it. I always answer, ”This year is full of change.” Change can be scary, but once we step out of the mindset that it’s going to be scary and step into a positive mindset we…

Learn to live

In August we were supposed to attend Summit in Washington D.C., but instead we sat in our houses and met with state officers from across the country, via Zoom. Even though our only option was to attend Summit virtually, we made the most of the awkward situation. We had virtual dance parties, got to listen to icons (like Bill Nye the Science Guy), and had some pretty sweet giveaways. On top of it all, we got to meet 40 other amazing state officers in our small groups. Seeing all these people make the most of the situation made me realize that to truly live, you have to learn that change isn’t scary.

Going into leadership tours, camps, and competitions, we have to remember that this year is going to look a little wacky, but change will allow us to make our mark in history. Without this pandemic we wouldn’t know how to live, but now we have learned to live.

~Celilo Brun, State Treasurer