I remember when I was younger I loved to go on adventures, especially if that meant going on a hike with my mom. This past month we were fortunate enough to be able to go on our own adventure to Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio in replacement of the International Leadership Seminar for State Officers (ILSSO). ILSSO is an international trip where you learn all about the different types of agriculture while also building relationships with other state officers from across the United States.

Our adventure started off on the 24th of January where we hopped on the plane at PDX and flew all the way to Music City, also known as Nashville. Once we arrived at our house we had to rest up because the next week would be full of tours starting out with Tosh Farms in Henry, TN and ending with the Kentucky Castle in Versailles, KY with 14 tours in between! Like ILSSO, we had the opportunity to learn about agriculture that is much different from Oregon’s. One of my favorite tours was learning about Tennessee Walking Horses. I never knew how versatile this breed is! They can be used for anything from show to trail and everything in between. While on this tour we were able to meet some world champions like “Jose Jose,” “Lined with Cash,” and “I am Jose!”

Apart from all the ag tours we were able to make some amazing memories along the way. We had the amazing opportunity to go to dinner with the Owensboro, Kentucky FFA Chapter. This was a special experience because it was our Leadership Development Coordinator’s home chapter. At first it was a little awkward, like how every conversation starts, but as dinner went on we dove into some amazing conversations and had some great laughs! The dinner progressed into bowling at a local bowling alley. Some of us, including myself, learned that we are not the best at bowling but as long as you laugh along the way it doesn’t matter how good you are.

Unfortunately all great adventures must come to an end… after 10 action packed days we had to hopped back on a plane and made our way back to PDX where this adventure started! A new adventure was awaiting us in eastern Oregon, a state degree judging adventure….

What adventure is awaiting you?

Celilo Brun
2020- 2021 Oregon FFA State Treasurer