I was told at the beginning of our year by one of our “co-moms” Joenelle to “Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything” when it came to thinking about our year. 325 days of forward motion later, and I am starting to understand that a little bit better. Through students, advisors, ag programs, online platforms, trips, volunteer opportunities, hangouts, positive notes, business partners, sponsors, supporters, staff, smiles, unconditional love, and connections,  I am fully appreciative of the opportunities that this year gave me. Not every day was a good day. Not every moment did I see the importance of that. But, especially this past year, it’s not about what we didn’t have, but what we did.

Don’t be sad because it’s over, smile because it happened.

And while our year has come to a close, it doesn’t mean the six of us as people have stopped making an impact on others, it just means we have the opportunity to take it to different places, to different groups, and in different ways. Grace will be doing that in Oklahoma, Jenna on the East Coast, Raimey in Arizona, Celilo in Wyoming, Alivia in Idaho, and myself in different parts of Oregon. While we’re sad that our year is over, we’re smiling because it happened, and excited as a team to continue moving ONWARD in our lives.

I’m fully appreciative of the past five years in this organization and the love that you’ve all given us throughout this year. Oregon FFA, let’s continue moving onward with purpose, with empowerment, with love, with power, with connection, and we can do it together.

With gratitude and so much love,

Colby J. Fairbairn

State Sentinel in a year where we expected nothing, but appreciated everything

P.S. The next time you’ll be hearing from this blog, it’ll be from the new 2021-2022 team! Wishing the biggest congratulations to Isabel, Justin, Jonwyn, JW, Kylie, and Katie, and we are so excited to see what you all accomplish!