Hello Oregon FFA!

I am so beyond honored and thrilled to serve as the Oregon FFA State President for the 2021-2022 school year! Whether it be in person or Zoom style, you can expect a year of laughter, relationships, and grace. It has been one month since my team and I were fortunate enough to meet in person during the last session of State Convention to be installed live! Since then, we have gathered together to discuss goals, expectations, and figure out whether this is real life, or if we’re living in a dream (the answer is to be determined).

As we collectively reflected on the goals we set for ourselves and our team, the word reignite was brought to our attention more than once. To me, if something is worth bringing up more than once, it is because it holds significance- it matters. As a team of seniors who have experienced two school years of Covid-influenced disappointment, we have seen many of our peers and members lose their spark for FFA. And because of this, we are not only here to ignite a spark in new FFA members, but we are here to reignite the spark of passion in current FFA members that has slowly dwindled. Igniting a spark can be easy, but reigniting a spark can sometimes mean going the extra mile, giving and receiving grace, and dedicating every moment to the present.

We aren’t planning to do this alone; we will need YOU! We will need the help and passion of our state staff, board members, alumni, supporters, and members. When the spark of each of us can come together, we can light something great, so let’s do it. FFA members, your passion does not need to dwindle based on your circumstances. It is my hope that you may find the spark that can be your constant no matter what obstacle stands in the way.

I pulled a photo that Lee captured of our team during our installation. Here’s what I see: Six people who are on fire for FFA. Six people who want to build a relationship with each of you this year. Six people who are ecstatic for every leadership camp, chapter visit, and Zoom call. Six people who have no idea what the next year will look like, but are ready to reignite our passion for FFA through relationships, excitement, and passion with grace.

Oregon FFA, these six people are ready to serve!


Isabel D’Acquisto

2021-2022 Oregon FFA State President