Things are heating up and it’s beginning to look a lot like summer time! We, your state officer team, couldn’t be more excited for fair season, more chapter officer leadership camps, as well as business and industry tours. We just finished up the first district leadership camp of the year in the one and only Southern Oregon District! As a whole, we couldn’t possibly be more impressed with the enthusiasm and passion to better our chapters. It blew me away and made me feel extremely proud of my home district.

The moorage of hot, lazy days is upon us. But in honest reality, it is time to get to work on our goals and ambitions! There is more time, life is looking more normal, and there are still endless opportunities for growth. FFA members we definitely know the feeling of becoming distracted in the summertime and, to an extent, it isn’t bad. Remember to maintain focus on your vision while enjoying all the little moments this time of year has to offer.

Thinking back, the one thing I remember being an odd rule from my parents compared to my friends is that “bored” is a bad word. From then on I would catch myself thinking, “Oh…this is boring,” to “Wrong…fix it.” Don’t let yourself be flooded with boredom. Help others not become bored out of their minds. I challenge you to snap the group chat to get everyone together, go to the barn and rinse that animal again, or reach out to someone you haven’t spoken with in a while. The time is yours…Use it wisely.

Stay determined. You’ve got this. I’m here with you the whole way.


Jonwyn Ayres

Oregon FFA State Secretary