The reignition that our team has talked about since the beginning is now underway. Throughout the last month of our lives, we have seen this come to fruition through the Oregon District Officer Training, Snake River District Leadership camp, and training. The first of these is the Oregon District Officer Training. Our team witnessed District Officers from all over the state come together and unite for the greater good of Oregon FFA. During this training, they learned how to better serve their home area through developing a broad spectrum of skills, goals for their district, and growing closer as members of their respected teams. Our team also had the chance to obtain workshop ideas from the District Officers to help guide us during our training with Mr. and Mrs. Cant. 

Following this training, our team then traveled to outside of John Day for the Snake River District Leadership camp to continue reignition. This camp was filled with eager and energetic members who all wanted to start their new FFA year off with a bang. It was a great day of workshops, hilarious skits, rituals competitions, and seeing members come together to reach a common goal. The day began with a fun cycle of icebreaker activities created by the district officers. The day was then transferred to leadership workshops hosted by our team and finished off with the rituals competition. This camp then carried us into our next training with Mr. and Mrs. Cant. 

This training is hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Cant in Imbler. In this training, we developed our newest tool for creating ignition across the state. We began the process of developing our workshops that we will present to members all across our state. The reignition of Oregon FFA is taking place before our very eyes and it is only going to continue to grow from here on out. Oregon FFA, buckle up and look to the future as reignition is right before you.

– JW Dippold, State Treasurer