As the year wraps up, I can’t help but count my blessings. The list of blessings, which goes miles long, includes every single second spent with members, every second spent with my teammates and every moment of thanking our supporters and sponsors! Put simply this year has been one of life’s greatest blessings.

As I reflect on my gratitude and this past year of service, I am also reminded of the moments where gratitude was not present. Gratitude often doesn’t come easy, yet there is always something to be grateful for. Sometimes it takes a real effort to count your blessings, but to put in that kind of effort helps you appreciate what you have, even when things are tough. After practicing gratitude it translates into kindness and a desire to serve others. Gratitude leads to generosity and love. How will you choose to count your blessings? How will you use your gratitude to bless those around you?

My answers to these questions are changing as my year as a state officer is ending however there will always be blessings to count and people to share our gratitude and love with. Oregon FFA, you helped me find my answers this year, however the questions remain and now it’s your turn to answer them.

On behalf of the 2021-2022 State Officer Team, thank you to Oregon FFA, each member, each supporter, each advisor, and everyone who has had a hand in our year! You have become some of our greatest blessings, thank you for reminding us to count our blessings this year. We love y’all so much and CANNOT wait to pour into each of you these next few days at the Oregon FFA State Convention!

Signing off,

Katie Price