Finally, summer vacation! For many, this means road-trips, new adventures, and all things sunshine. But for our FFA members, advisors, and state office team, our summer looks a little different. While we all get our fun-in-the-sun, many of us are full speed ahead! The sunshine brings members out as they start putting in the time with their SAE’s, fair projects, and planning for the upcoming year. The life of an FFA member never stops!

Our state office team is thrilled to go full speed into leadership camps, business and industry tours, and of course state fair. We could not be more excited to experience first hand what you all have been up to! Much like getting an animal ready for fair, we are preparing to take on the beast of summer. The team and I have been crafting workshops, camp books, and more importantly talking about the ways we want to impact YOU! 

While it seems like we are all work and no play, don’t forget that summer is full of opportunities! It is a time where we can break out of our shell and create a better you for the upcoming year! Whether you just graduated (congrats!), taking the first steps into freshman year, or a third time chapter officer, you can always learn, discover, and grow. You have 24 hours each day to dial in your ambitions, follow your passions, and enjoy every step of the way. 

Now go full speed ahead into all of your endeavors, and don’t forget sunscreen! 

With Enthusiasm, 

Maddie Dollarhide, State Secretary