One month of traveling across the state for all of the district leadership camps all across Oregon has been officially checked off of the to do list! It was so amazing to travel and see all of the amazing and unique that each district has brought to the table. We got to experience so many awesome campfire songs, playing “Where’s Waldo” with various objects, vampire tag, some awesome workshop sessions, and lots and lots of swing dancing!

It’s kind of amazing to see how each member’s story unfolds. However, they all start the exact same way. They come to camp, put in a weird group with random people, and have to go meet new people or else they have to stand in front of the whole camp and sing a song or give a speech about the most random topic.

Once everyone has started to break through the ice a little and realize that all they have to do is come as they are and be their amazing selves, that’s when the true magic happens. I have seen so many bright young men and women the past couple of weeks and once they started to find their people they shine even brighter!

I have learned so many things as a state officer so far this year. Yet, I think that the biggest lesson that I have learned is that everyone has something special to add to the table. In every single one of my groups there has always been someone new with an amazing story! We truly do have a new generation of amazing leaders and I can’t wait to see what they do! Thank you to everyone who embraced leadership camp with us willingly and enthusiastically!

Finally, never ever ever forget that YOU ARE VALUED!!

Wish the team and I good luck as we start traveling to classrooms all across the state for the next few months! We are so ready for this amazing adventure!

Best wishes,
Grant Hills
2022-2023 Oregon FFA State President