As 2022 comes to a close, New Year’s Resolutions abound around us all. Before setting my goals for the new year, I find myself reflecting back on all that has happened this year.

In early January, I made the final decision to run for State Office. This decision wasn’t an easy one, as soon as I submitted that application my entire plan for the following year would be up in the air until the State Convention. From January till March, this decision was constantly in the back of my mind. As the day of elections finally rolled around, I found that instead of feeling nervous about what was to come, I just felt excited about all of the possibilities. The experience of running, surrounded by sixteen other amazing people, had taught me invaluable lessons that guide me every step of the way.

In early March, I found myself at the top of my least favorite race hill in the state. The starting pitch, aptly named Burial Hill, was icy, steep, and had led to multiple lost skis only three turns into the race. The cherry on top was the countless times I had raced this pitch only to slide entirely off course. I knew I had a choice. I could choose to stay safely at the top of this course or I could choose to finish out my high school skiing career with a run that could prove to be disastrous. If skiing has taught me anything, it’s to always give things a try and with this in mind I clicked into my skis to head down the hill. When I finally into the finish corral all I can feel is pride. Despite my doubt at the top of the course, I hadn’t let my fear get in the way of accomplishing my goals.

From the beginning of 2022 to the very end, each impactful moment this year has started with a risk taken. As we all step into the year ahead of us, I encourage you to take risks in your own life. Challenge yourself to grow beyond your self-imposed limits. Now I’m not saying to completely shatter your boundaries- they’re there for a reason! But when you find yourself at a turning point in your life don’t be afraid to push yourself, it’s how we all grow.

With Love,

Brekkan Richardson, State Treasurer