Throughout the past five years, it would be impossible to say which FFA experience has impacted me the most. From being a first year student to running for office, from SAE’s to competitions… the one thing each of these experiences have in common is the support and encouragement of good people. I will never forget the change of atmosphere that occurred the first time I walked into an agriculture classroom. From the student diversity to always animal related topics of discussion, there was never a dull moment. Not only was the excitement of the class notable, but so were the intentions. These classrooms provide a unique experience for students to recognize the needs of others and begin problem solving for a cause other than their own.

Being able to be back in the classroom this year has been a completely new experience, I have realized so many things I took for granted as a student. I have gained a new appreciation for the work Ag teachers invest in after school care for their program, students who are brave and ask questions during class, and for the love communities pour into FFA Chapters because they care about student success.

While our time on Leadership Tour has just come to an end, I know there are many new beginnings for Oregon FFA taking place all around our state. We have seen some amazing land labs, communities, and various projects taking place. All proving the FFA vision statement which says, “FFA provides the next generation of leaders who will change the world,” to be true. Our team is beyond grateful for having the opportunity to have so many new experiences that we now share with some truly good people.


Jessie Samarin, State Reporter