If the beginning of May was a glimpse into what the rest of the year could be like, let me tell you, this is going to be a great year. This month, the team and I had the opportunity to go through an impactful week-long training in Sunriver called “Basecamp” facilitated by National FFA staff. Right after that, we drove to Bend where the Cruikshank’s and the Bend FFA warmly welcomed us at their benefit dinner. On Sunday,  we headed to Corvallis for the state spring Career Development Events competitions, also known as CDE Days. Tuesday afternoon, I drove back home reflecting on the last week and a half. 

Though weary, I couldn’t help but smile thinking about the laughs, the triumphant screams of excitement, and most of all, the genuine connections that this organization provides. While stuck in traffic on I-5, I was energized by what makes the ag industry so special: ag is not just an industry, but a community. 

The support I witness people within the ag industry giving each other on a daily basis is what makes this industry like no other. Have a question? Ask it and it will be answered. Don’t know how to do something? I promise someone who has been where you are is willing to give you a hand. Want to talk something out? The five-minute conversation you were planning on will turn into an hour.  A reminder I received on the way home and one I think we all need is that we are not alone, there is a community surrounding us, cheering us on. Use this information to motivate you, to energize you.  I know personally, this is what inspires me as a State Officer. 

From having National FFA staff fly across the country to help our team, witnessing the people of Bend supporting their FFA chapter, and seeing FFA members work together at CDE Days, one thing is certain: ag creates one big family. May we all know this community, be a part of this community, and protect this community. 

With admiration and pride,

Kylie A. Temple

2023-2024 Oregon State Vice President