Well, It’s official, we have just entered the busiest time of the year. This time last year, things felt like they were going a mile a minute. Between basketball season, deciding to run for state office, LDE season, college and scholarship applications, and the halfway mark of my senior year, it was a little hectic. Fast Forward 365 days, and while the circumstances are different, the pace hasn’t changed much. As the team gears up to head back out on the road, we have a lot to look forward to. In the next few weeks we’ll get to attend the Northwest Ag Show in Salem, host the January State Executive meeting in Corvallis, and then we’ll finally get to join Oregon FFA member’s back in the classroom. And honestly, I couldn’t be more grateful to get back to it and for the fast paced nature of it all. 

I’ve always been someone who was looking ahead, focused more on what is coming than what is right in front of me. But as we get ready to dive back into the thick of it, a new approach to this time of year has been on my mind. What if instead of focusing so much on what is coming or what might happen next, we took more time to appreciate what’s happening right in front of us? When we’re willing to slow down and appreciate the things that make each day special, we learn how to draw gratitude out of even the smallest of moments. Take a minute and think of a five second moment that made today unique. It doesn’t have to be something life changing like picking the winning lottery numbers. Maybe it was a compliment from a friend or hearing your favorite song on the radio. When they’re happening, they don’t seem significant, but altogether they remind us that each day is worth noticing. Because altogether, these small, seemingly insignificant moments come together to form some of our favorite memories. 

As we go into this busy time of year, no matter what it looks like for each of us, let’s slow down and take notice of each day. Whether your days consist of schoolwork, sports practice, LDE practice, college applications, or maybe a State Officer visit, try and find one, five second moment that makes each day special. 

Oregon FFA, we can’t wait to be back with you all soon and help build those special moments together. 


Camille Peters, 2023-24 Oregon FFA State Treasurer